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Welcome to the world of Dris, where Tribal House is meshed with a touch of Afro.

A passion for sound that knows no boundaries, Dris is a DJ, Radio Host and Music producer dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences, through his music.

Dris creates music that blends various genres and styles, from Afrohouse, Afro Tech, Funky House and Tribal House to Afrobeats and Drill.


With a keen ear for melody and rhythm, he has crafted unique sounds that illustrate his upbringing. Dris was born and raised in the South East of London, UK and has always found himself surrounded by music, since he delved into a music career at the age of 15.

From creating as a rapper/producer, to becoming a DJ, podcast presenter and having grown his audience through his career as a Radio Host on stations such as Croydon FM and Subtle Radio, he has now found a new passion in House music production and frequently releases new music to the Afrohouse scene.


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